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NOTE: I am currently working on updating this site, due to changes in information and links. (For instance, the SBC altered the structure of its website sometime in 2020 or 2021. Where necessary, I use links from the internet archive Wayback Machine, so the material I link to is what was available when I posted this SBC Abuse Solutions site in January 2020.)

As I finish adding those Wayback links to each page, I will put an asterisk after the page title. When I have completed the entire updating process, I will remove the asterisks and this notice.

SBC ABUSE SOLUTIONS is a resource blog to equip people to identify, research, and resolve systemic abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention.

I’ve been involved in SBC church and ministries for almost 30 of the last 45 years. (For details, see the About page.) I’m concerned about past, present, and future situations in the SBC of sexual abuse, and misuse of spiritual authority to shield institutions from negative consequences. These are topics I’ve been writing articles and case studies about for nearly 15 years. I compiled SBC Abuse Solutions to bring together material specifically about these problems in the Southern Baptist Convention. It also links to articles and tutorials to help understand systems, systemic abuse, and implementing practical solutions.

This is a static site, with comments and “likes” turned off, and no contact form. I have invested what time I could in January 2020 to get this site together, but my priority now is to complete my four-volume training series, which should answer many questions readers might have.

I hope these reference and resource materials help repair damages inflicted during past and present abuse situations in the SBC, and foster better intervention into current cases plus ministry to survivors and strong systemic safeguards for prevention of victimization in the future.

~ Brad Sargent, also known online as brad/futuristguy

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